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The Abritrator

Jerome Allan Landau is a professional Arbitrator.  He has arbitrated court and private matters in a wide variety of business and industries since first being trained in the 1970s as an Arbitrator for the New York Civil Court.

There are ongoing professional discussions amongst attorneys as to which is more important, retaining an experienced Arbitrator, or an Arbitrator experienced in the subject industry. Jerome suggests that both are valuable and requests your attention to the Areas of Practice “The Business and Commercial Attorney” and “Litigator” sections herein. These set forth his extensive Business and Commercial Representation and litigation experience which compliment his skills and experience as a professional Arbitrator.

Among those industries are included commercial, business, healthcare/medicine, real estate and construction (Jerome’s experience and training in domestic and international arbitration tools, techniques and procedures have been expanded through multiple programs presented by such professional organizations as the American Arbitration Association (“AAA’), the US District Court, Construction Dispute Resolution Services (“CDRS), US Arbitration and Mediation (“US A&M”), Construction Arbitration Services (“CAS”), the international Association For Conflict Resolution (“ACR”), American Bar Association (“ABA”) Alternate Dispute Resolution Section, the American Bar Association (“ABA”) Litigation Section and International Section, the State Bar of Arizona (“SBA-ADR”) Alternate Dispute Resolution Section, the Civil Court of New York, and others. He has also written and taught programs for the AAA, ACR, SBA-ADR, the United Nations and other professional ADR organizations.

Jerome’s education, expertise and experience have been recognized through his professional certifications and membership, including the AAA (certified Arbitrator – multi-Neutral Panels), CDRS, US District Court (Arizona), CAS, US A&M and the Civil Court (New York).

Jerome has been invited to Membership in the prestigious National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (“NADN”).

In addition to conducting arbitration hearings “administered” through the AAA and other of the above Administrators, Jerome is also retained by counsel and parties to serve as a “non-administered” Arbitrator.