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Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator, Facilitator and Business Consultant

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[accordion title=”Education”]

  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) Brooklyn Law School, New York (1967)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Baruch School of Business, City University of New York (1964)
  • Special Agent – Financial Investigator, U.S. Treasury Department (1967-1971; legal and financial investigations)
  • Graduate, Realtor Institute (1998, National Association of Realtors)
  • Four hundred hours training (received or  taught):  Arbitration, Mediation, Facilitation
  • Seven  hundred hours: Real Estate, Brokerage, Contracting, Development, Financing

[accordion title=”LICENSURE AND PRACTICE”]

  • Legal, Arbitration and Mediation practices (1972-present)
  • Bar Admissions:

New York State Bar (1968 to present),

U.S. District Courts:  Southern and Eastern Districts (1968 to present);

State Bar of Arizona (1987 to present);

U.S. District Court – Arizona 1988);

Colorado State Bar (1998 to present)

  • Arizona Real Estate Licensee (1987-present)
  • New York State Real Estate Broker (former)
  • New York State Private Investigator (former)
  • Special Agent (U.S. Treasury Dept., I.R.S (1968-1971) with assignments to Dept. of Justice  and Secret Service (former).


  • Professional Arbitrator, Mediator, Neutral, Facilitator (1970s to present)
  • Inductee:  National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (“NADN”)
  • Certified to the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”; based in The Hague, Netherlands (www.IMIMediation.org; keyword “Landau” for bio and testimonials)
  • Complex and simple disputes in a variety of national and international industries and fields including:  business, corporate and commercial contracts and transactions; real estate; construction; financial and investments;  insurance; licensing;  medical and healthcare;  family partnerships, intellectual property.
  • ADR Panels and Certifications:
    • National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (“NADN”);
    • International Mediation Institute (IMI) Certified Mediator;
    • Judge Pro Tem (Arizona Superior Court);
    • American Arbitration Association (AAA) – multiple Neutral Panels – Arbitrator and Mediation ;

Member, AAA Regional Advisory Council;

    • Arizona Superior Court  Arbitrator;
    • Construction Dispute Resolution Services – Mediator,  Arbitrator, Dispute Resolution Board;
    • U.S. District Court Arbitration Panelist (former);
    • U.S. Arbitration and Mediation Panelist (former);
    • New York Civil Court Arbitrator (former);
    • National Construction Dispute Services:  Arbitrator (former);
    • National Association of Construction Disputes: Arbitrator (former).
  • ADR Training and Education:  Attended or taught 400+ hours of ADR educational programs –  Arbitration, Mediation, Facilitation and Negotiation at a variety of venues including with Harvard Law School Negotiation and Mediation Professors (includes teaching numerous national and international  programs for ADR professionals, attorneys and corporate executives).
  • Presenter: AAA Webinar for Attorneys (”Taking the Mystery Out of Mediation For Your Client and Yourself”).
  • United Nations: twice invited Presenter of programs   (a U.N.  publication’s announcement:  essentially reported Jerome’s program of  “bringing techniques of peacemaking to those endeavoring to bring peace in the world.”
  • Designer and presenter of programs related to arbitration, mediation and/or group facilitation for numerous U.S. associations, including:  Keynote Speaker and program presenter for the American Bar Association A.D.R. Leadership Council, Phillips Electronics North American educators, Association for Conflict Resolution (international), Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute (Produced, Chaired and presented  six two day annual international programs co-sponsored by the American Arbitration Association  and three years also co-sponsored by Harvard Law School having international ADR attendees from  Egypt, Australia, Ireland, Canada, England, Caribbean).
  • Multi-years Chair of national educational teleconferences for ADR professionals.
  • Arizona Dispute Resolution Association (multi-year Director);
  • Arizona Association of Conflict Resolution (co-founder and Director);
  • Invited presenter at multiple Arizona Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA) annual conferences; Keynote speaker at ADRA Annual Conference in conjunction with the American Bar Association Executive Council of the ADR Section.
  •  “Inter-industry” partnering programs (e.g. construction projects); Dispute Review Boards (construction and other complex business projects)
  • Judge Pro Tem (multi-year terms) – Maricopa County Arizona Superior Court


ADR Leadership in Conflict Resolution Community :

  • AAA Arizona Commercial Advisory Panel;
  • American Bar Association (ABA): Advisory Panel Member;
  • American Arbitration Association – certified Neutral on multiple  Arbitration and Mediation Panels;
  • Arizona Bar and American Bar Association ADR Sections;
  • Trainer: ADR programs;
  • Chairman (former):  Commercial Section of the international Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR); multi-year Leadership Council member;
  • Co-Chairman (former): Commercial Section real estate and development committees
  • Co-Chairman (former, 7 years):  international Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute (ACMI);
  • Co-Director (former): Arizona Dispute Resolution Association;
  • President (former) : Maricopa County Association for Family Mediation;
  • Producer, Co-Chairman & Presenter (former):  ACMI international Advanced Commercial Mediation Conferences (6+ years);
  • Founding Co-Director (former): Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution;
  • Author (former): ACResolutions, an international magazine for ADR professionals;

ACResolutions (former) Commercial Editorial Board Member.


  • Law and Litigation: local, national and international investors, buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees, brokers, developers, agents, contractors, sub-contractors, inspectors.
    • Properties included commercial, ranch, land, resort/hotel and residential properties.
    • Legal and/or ADR Services included:
      • Litigation and arbitration of ownership and related disputes.
      • Transactions: purchase, sale, land trade, negotiations.
      • Hazard and other insurance issues.
      • Torts, trespass, eminent domain, etc.
      • Arbitration and Mediation of Construction disputes (e.g. defects, fraud, breach of contract matters). – privately and through the administration services of the American Arbitration Association and other national Administrators construction and other project Dispute Review Boards (CDRS Construction DRB Certified).
      • Federal land-trade.
    • Negotiations and contracts.
    • Sales and leasing of office, commercial and industrial buildings, vacant land, residential properties, hotels, resorts and ranches.
  • Representation of Investors and Investment Groups.
    • Lease negotiation and drafting (commercial, land, residential).
      • Real Estate and Business Brokerage, Contractor Training,  Licenses:
        • 30+ years  real estate industry experience.
        • Properties:  commercial, residential, land, resort  properties
        • Locations:   New York, Arizona, California, United   Kingdom.
        • New York State: Licensed Broker (former), Principal, New York Brokerage firm (former).
        • Arizona: Licensee; counsel to State’s largest Brokerage.
        • Member National Association of Realtors (24 years) Graduate – Realtor Institute (National Association of Realtors).
        • 700+ hours of real estate, contracting, finance  education programs (attended or taught).
        • Contractors’ Business and Materials Training satisfying    educational requirements for Contractor’s Licensure;
        • Instructor of Arbitration and Mediation program – Arizona   School of Real Estate and Business.
        • Multiple C.C.I.M (NAR) finance programs.
        • Residential  and commercial mortgage consultant, Consultant: U.S. and international investment groups.
  • Environmental: (see environmental and energy resources above).
  • Solar and alternative energy industry (national and international).


  • Service as Trust Protector, Drafter of Trust Documents; Trustee   legal representation; litigation and mediation of Trust, Estate Guardianship and Conservatorship disputes.
  • Estate disputes, fiduciary disputes; internal family disputes; facilitation of families with a member experiencing dementia,  Alzheimer’s or another disabling disease.


  • Business and commercial litigation, mediation, arbitration and group facilitation: matters have included, but are not limited to those listed above under the category “Business and Commercial Representation” and in:
  • Director, shareholder, partner, employee disputes, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary and derivative actions
  • Financial fraud and embezzlement.
  • Trade regulation disputes – non-competition, non-solicitation and non-circumvent, trade secret and proprietary information
  • Fee disputes – legal, medical, construction, royalty.
  • Provisional remedies – restraining orders, injunctions, receiverships.
  • Franchise (litigation counsel for  franchisor, franchisee; mediation and arbitration of franchise disputes.
  • Facilitation of franchise groups and establishment of dispute resolution programs to facilitate minimal disruption of franchise activities, dispute review boards.
  • Insurance disputes – medical, property, personal injury; litigation and arbitration.
  • Torts (slander, libel).
  • Multi-Level marketing programs – establishment, down-line litigation and arbitration.
  • Business transactions (sale/purchase, mergers).
  • Construction – contract disputes, defects, warranties, etc.
  • Real Estate – purchase/sale; breaches; defects; warranties.
  • Intellectual Property: including U.S. District Court litigation for international Trademark and copyrights (e.g. Lacoste Izod and other Marks; television production company breach of Client’s book copyrights).
  • Trust and Estate matters: including multi-million dollar assets.
  • Family Partnership Disputes; Intergenerational Disputes; Family Dissolutions.

Mediation of “high-asset” estates (e.g. $20,000,000+)

Legal representation in high ($25,000,000+) and small asset dissolutions of marriage.  Dissolutions are commercial activities (assets include businesses / professional practices, real estate, securities portfolios, options, autos, planes, boats etc.)

Services as plaintiff and defendant counsel in U.S. District Courts (SDNY, EDNY, Arizona); New York State Supreme Court (throughout New York City and Nassau County), Arizona Superior Court  in a variety of industries including, business  / commercial, intellectual property (e.g. Lacost Izod and others trademark infringement actions), RICO, fraud and embezzlement, franchise disputes, fraud, torts, intellectual property, contracts, construction defects, professional negligence, healthcare / medical, real estate, trust and estates, insurance, personal traumatic injury (lead counsel – brain damage, paraplegia; million dollar + matters), defamation, family partnerships and domestic relations, product liability.

Service as Mediator or Arbitrator in numerous matters including many subject listed above.

Judge Pro Tem: multi-year service including conducting numerous Judicial Settlement Conferences.

Certified Arbitrator, New York Civil Court (former).


1967-1971 Federal Service:
Special Agent (Financial Investigator) of the U.S. Treasury Department, with assignments to the U.S. Attorney’s Office (U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York) advising Assistant U.S. Attorneys on a series of multi-week federal criminal trials and assisting at trial.

National Coordinator and Supervising Investigator of the then largest organized crime project in the United States, supervising Agents from around the country.

Member of the U.S. Task Force on Organized Crime with interdepartmental relationships with numerous federal and state law enforcement agencies.

New York State Licensed Private Investigator (former).

Business and Corporate. Created an international Security and Investigations Firm which served corporate and governmental clients worldwide. Co-Founder was the former Director of Security (Bankers Trust Company) and former Security Director (Phillip Morris Companies). Client matters included: bank and corporate defalcations and fraud; loss retrieval, asset location and recovery; pre-merger and acquisition investigations; analysis and evaluation of corporate and government internal security systems; consultant in the establishment of a nation’s government security systems. Clients based in United States, Asia, United Kingdom, India, Bhutan and United Arab Emerites.

[accordion title=”ON THE PERSONAL SIDE”]

  • Aikido Sensei  – Third Degree Black Belt (“Sandan”)
  • Internationally Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga.
  • Third Degree Reiki Practitioner.
  • Executive Coach to Professionals .
  • Health Coach to persons with severe illness and their family.

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